Melissa has been really helpful in encouraging me to focus on the positive aspects of my life and what is important to me in creating the life I want. I find comfort in talking to her and she emits warmth and authenticity.”-Lisa

Melissa has given me tools to feel better within myself, which has helped me manifest my dreams.”-Michelle

"I've been seeing Melissa for more than a year now and I never really considered her as my Therapist.  She has become more of a mentor, a friend, and a life coach, based on the relationship we have developed. I love the fact that she combines her educational background from the "western medicine" with her knowledge and expertise on the "eastern medicine" and philosophies on overall healing." - Elizabeth

Melissa helps me to see the advantage of life, not the disadvantage and how I can have, be and do anything I want.”-John

Melissa is an incredible therapist. I highly recommend her. She listens attentively and has helped me through my most difficult challenges. She is non- judgmental, compassionate, creative, and loving, which has helped me heal.”- Katy

My child feels comfortable talking to Melissa and enjoys coming to see her. She has helped her do better in school and interacting with others.”-Amy

"Melissa is a wonderful therapist and person. She is very intuitive as well as kind, caring and genuine. She has helped me connect with myself, spirit and the powerful, positive life force of the Universe that has enriched my life. She has taught me that positive thinking and love are the key to everything."-Cristina